ConnexFM's Facilities Friends Program

When you share the value of ConnexFM with your network of multi-site FM professionals you'll be rewarded with a
$25 gift when they join!

Top 3 Reasons to Refer Your FM Friend

Expand Word of Mouth

Our FMs get recommendations from one another. When your biggest fans are part of the network, word spreads. 

Be Seen as a Lifesaver

FMs have a tough job. When you connect them with the time-saving resources through ConnexFM, they'll thank you!

Get Rewarded

Treat yourself with a $25 gift card or choose to share the love by letting us make a Connex Foundation donation for you. 

How to Refer An FM Friend:

Fill out the form below to "Refer an FM Friend." We'll email you to confirm and reach out to the person you've referred with information about ConnexFM and next steps. 

THE FINE PRINT: You must be an active Multi-site FM/Supplier member to participate in this program. The "referring member" will get credit for the new MSFM member once that member has officially joined. There is no limit to the number of new MSFM members that you can recruit, so let's all help our facilities friends together.


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